‘While we see the opportunity from an academic perspective to explore locations and place through the community of Palette & Trowel we also see it as a rare opportunity to engage with people with similar attitudes to life.’

York: Untold Stories | Detailed Programme

Day 1: Friday


7pm - welcome
  • Meet at the Hilton Hotel, Tower Street, York.  Guests staying at the hotel can book into their rooms from 2pm onwards.


7.30pm - evening meal
  • Meal at the hotel (meal and wine included in fee)


9pm - after meal introduction
  • After the meal at approximately 9pm, John and Kane will deliver a talk which will introduce you to Palette and Trowel and the weekend's activities


Day 2: Saturday


  • Meet in Reception at the Hilton Hotel.

  • Introduction to the programme for today.

  • Today we will begin our exploration of the archaeological and topographic evidence for the development of the City of York from 71AD onwards. We will start our investigation of York at Clifford's Tower. We will use the views to set the scene for our  artistic and archaeological explorations over the rest of the weekend.  We will all stay together this morning to develop a common appreciation of York's history, archaeology and how this may inform artistic interpretation.


1-2pm - lunch at hotel
  • In the afternoon we will split into two groups.  Group One will set out across the city and look at the evidence for the Roman city, including ‘behind the scenes’ access to Roman features. We will examine one of the very few cohort stones still in its original position in the legionary fortress wall.  Group Two will explore visually key features and points of interest through watercolour and sketching.


  • Both groups return to Hilton Hotel to meet and reflect on the day in an informal context in the hotel bar.


Guests can either make their own arrangements for an evening meal or they can join John and Kane for further conversations over dinner (venue to be arranged).



Day 3: Sunday


  • Meet in Reception at the Hilton Hotel.

  • Introduction to the programme for today.

  • Today we will concentrate on an artistic and archaeological investigation of York during the brief life of Richard III.  We will walk in the footsteps of Richard and will spend time in and around York Minster, including sketchbook and watercolour work. Kane will spend the entire day in the grounds of York Minster. In the morning John will walk from Mickelgate Bar to York Minster, following the processional route used by the Mystery Plays and monarchs when they visited the city. This route provides a useful way of interrogating the city and looking at the role of performance and pageant in medieval life


1-2pm - lunch at hotel/ packed lunch
  • After lunch Kane will stay at York Minster. John will continue to explore the evidence for York in the 15th century.


  • Return to Hilton Hotel to rendezvous and reflect on the day and the weekend before departure.