York: Untold Stories | 1st - 3rd July 2016 

Single £595* | Double £795* (* Hilton Hotel, Bed & Breakfast & Friday Meal)

(Fee with no accommodation £350**)

"Together with like-minded people, you will share ideas, we will all learn from each other, everyone bringing their own experiences and knowledge to the weekend …"

York has been a centre of power and influence in the region and nationally since 71AD. Subsequent occupation has created a complex stratigraphy of features and deposits that make up the City of York. The city sits in the Vale of York which, with the rising hills to the west and the North York Moors to the east, has provided the majority of the materials needed to build and sustain urban life. The Vale has also provided a rural retreat for the wealthy citizens of the city. 


Our exploration of York will be based in the heart of the historic city at the Hilton Hotel, Tower Street, York. The programme includes time when we will all be together and time that can be spent either painting with Kane or exploring the archaeology of the city with John.


Numbers are strictly limited to 20. There will be no more than 10 people with either Kane or John.


For our weekend events there are no minimum numbers. This is a Palette and Trowel commitment to our future guests and holiday makers.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE: The fee includes accommodation (bed and breakfast) on Friday and Saturday nights, the evening meal on Friday night, and lunches on Saturday and Sunday. Guests may make their own arrangements for a meal on Saturday night or they may choose to join Kane and John for dinner.  This Saturday evening meal is not included in the fee.


**IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you choose this option you must make your own arrangement for accommodation.  Fee includes dinner on Friday night and lunches on Saturday and Sunday. 




Friday Evening: Meal at hotel followed by Introductory Lecture by Kane and John

As guests will be travelling from across the country we intend to make the evening light and entertaining. At 9 pm after an evening meal we will give a short talk about our work as an artist and as an archaeologist. This will include slides and an outline of the weekend programme


Saturday and Sunday

On the first morning we will explore aspects of the city of York as a group.  We will then split into two groups according to interests, but people will be able to move between the groups as they wish.  On Saturday evening we will come together to share views and experiences.  On Sunday after spending the day exploring and reflecting on York and Richard III we will meet at the Hilton Hotel for a final discussion and reflection on the weekend. There will be a group photograph before finishing at 5pm


Please note that all times given in the Itinerary for the Archaeology and Painting programmes are for guidance only and may be subject to alteration on the day.


Painting Programme | No experience required


The main aim of the painting course is to introduce techniques and processes that help the painter to fully respond to the landscape. The course will show through demonstrations and through tutor led discussions that watercolour is a medium that allows for full expression. This course is designed to push the boundaries of experienced watercolour painters, though also structured in a way to allow the beginner to learn techniques that will give them the confidence and knowledge to leap beyond the traditional watercolour class!


Detailed Programme




Guests and Partners

We have chosen specific hotels with great facilities to allow partners or friends to come along. They can join us for the evening meal on Friday but please note that we will require notice and a supplement (please see booking form for details). Partners and friends can join in all social gatherings at the end of days two and three.


This weekend will include a lot of walking activity on the archaeology option. The painting option is suited to those with mobility issues. If you do have concerns about your fitness please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

What's Included

  • Expert personal tuition and guidance by Kane Cunningham and John Oxley

  • Accommodation and breakfast at Hilton Hotel, York

  • Meal on Friday evening with wine

  • Lunches on Saturday and Sunday

  • Guide Notes

What's Excluded


  • Meal on Saturday Evening

Hotel Information: Hilton Hotel, Tower Street, York

The price of the weekend includes bed & breakfast and an evening meal on the Friday at the Hilton Hotel, Tower Street, York


You may wish to extend your stay at the Hilton York, or you may wish to stay in one of the many cottages, guest-houses and small hotels that are located around and in the City of York. You can book your extended accommodation at the Hilton York by contacting 01904 648111 at Hilton York's website.  If you choose to do this please can you contact Palette and Trowell in advance.




Important Notice

All painting will be completed outside in the landscape. In extreme conditions we will venture back inside local accommodation booked for the event. However, battling with the elements is part of the experience of painting in the landscape. Therefore, please have appropriate clothing ready to wear. This should include a hat, waterproof jacket, warm underwear, boots and gloves. Waterproof clothing and walking footwear are essential for the archaeology group.

Materials Required

Please bring painting equipment to include:


  • an outdoor easel

  • watercolour paints

  • water container

  • brushes

  • paper

  • bulldog clips

  • a painting board

  • tube of Payne's Grey & Titanium White



The watercolour paper should be at least 300lb (640gsm). Watercolour paper is a personal choice, however, Arches, Bockingford or Saunders is acceptable for the weekend.


Stockist: Ken Bromley - www.artsupplies.co.uk



You can purchase a set of brushes designed by myself in the gift set section of Rosemary & Co. The Extreme Range are brushes I use in the landscape, but a set of your own brushes which include a similar selection are acceptable for the course.


Camera equipment

Simply bring whatever camera you have available. We will discuss the technical aspects of taking a good image, such as shutter speed, depth of field and filters. However we will also discuss composition, effects of light and  image content.


Stockist:  www.rosemaryandco.com