Kane Cunningham has been an artist and lecturer for over 30 years. He is perhaps best known for buying a house on the edge of a cliff in Scarborough. As a site-specific art installation it achieved world-wide attention and notoriety. This was a project that was concerned with the landscape and the environment. Kane used the house as a studio for three years. This resulted in an exhibition of large scale watercolours at Scarborough Art Gallery with Internationally acclaimed landscape photographer Joe Cornish. Kane has also made frequent appearances on TV and radio.


John Oxley has been the City of York archaeologist for over 25 years. During this time he has overseen significant archaeological digs within the city that have given a greater understanding of York’s rich history. John specialises in urbanism in Roman and post-Roman Europe. He has worked as an archaeologist in St Petersburg and Novgorod in Russia. He has appeared on the television programme Time Team. John works hard to ensure that York’s heritage is accessible to all.


Palette and Trowel is a new kind of holiday experience developed by artist and lecturer Kane Cunningham and City of York archaeologist John Oxley. Together we have collaborated on a range of creative projects, exhibited work, given lectures and led walks and tours across the UK, Europe and Russia. For our 2016 programme of weekend breaks we have created three unique holiday experiences for people interested in art, archaeology and the landscape.


We are interested in exploring landscapes by bringing art and archaeology together in Palette and Trowel. Our weekends are about having fun and seeing landscapes in different ways. We are interested in how these landscapes can be recorded, interpreted and conserved through creative interactions between people.